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We craft Hyper Casual & Hybrid Mobile Games.

WHAT MAKES US sooooo SPECIAL ? When you love what you do, it never feels like work, and that’s why we’re so damn good at it. With 16 hits games and more than 100 millions downloads, Pinpin Games is one of the most successful studio on the Hyper / Hybrid Casual field.

Our games

Metamon Island

+ 1 million downloads

Catch tiny Metamon in the wild! Tap to train and heal monsters when needed!

You got to the Metamon Island – the magic Monster World! Explore new island with your metamon pet team. Exciting catching and battle game is started!

As you walk around the island, watch around carefully! You can meet one monster, or a whole squad of them! Get ready – catching and collecting idle monsters in this crazy metamon quest game won’t be a walk in the park! Your pocket pet must win so you could add a new member to your monster team.

Gangsta Island: Crime City

+ 1 million downloads

Begin your gangster career and rise up in the ranks! Rule the criminal world!

Start your life as a gangster! Begin your criminal career by using your gangster skills to progress through the ranks until you rule the criminal world!

Life on the streets isn’t easy, people saying gangster life is the only life, but you have to work hard, you have to survive, fight and hustle your way to the top, and then make the city your world!

Golf Orbit

+10 million downloads

One shot golf simulator is the battle of golf rivals to become the golf king worldwide. Become part of this idle golf orbit rocket league in which balls go high to Mars. Smash the ball to mars and become the golf champions.

Oneshot Golf Orbit is golf offline game which has many golf rocket leagues and one shot golf battles. Be part Mars golf games to become champions of golfing over it.

Barber Shop Hair Cut game

+ 30 million downloads

Show us your hairstyling skills!

Become the most famous barber shop!

A lot of clients want you, it is your duty to make their desires a reality. Between original haircuts and fancy colors, set you creativity free! You could even see some celebrities in your shop.

Be carefull, otherwise the customers might not enjoy. You can unock countless tools (cisors, trimmer, saw…) to be the best!

CornHole League

+ 4 million downloads


Play America’s favorite foot bag toss family games!

Cornhole League is a Family Games in which players take turns to toss fabric bean bags at a raised platform with a corn hole in the far end. Just like paper toss and hoops you’ve to throw a Foot Bag on the wooden platform in plunder league Board Games.

The rules of this Summer Sports hoops cornhole league are simple. A foot bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the board scores 1 point in Casual Games. Each team or player gets a turn to throw bean bag like Paper Toss in plunder league Board Games. Play continues until a team or player reaches the score of 21 in summer sports cornhole league.

Rock Crawling

+ 9 million downloads


It’s time to climb mountains!

Manage the acceleration of your 4×4 and nothing will stop you!
Various obstacles and environments are waiting for you!

Vikings II

+ 3 million downloads


Shoot your way through legendary creatures and become the best archer!
Fenrirs, Giants, Dragons, Serpents, Kraken, Trolls, Vikings Raiders, Odin, Demons…
Beat them, gain gold and train your chosen Viking to give him a chance to join the sacred halls of Valhalla.

Teeth Runner!

+ 10 million downloads


Clean the teeth of all these people!

Welcome to Teeth Runner, the greatest teeth game you’ve ever played ! In Teeth Runner, the simple goal is to brush the teeth of people : humans, zombies, vampires, muchachos … They all require different ingredients, so be careful while you brush their teeth, to pick up the right toothpaste !

Crowd Battle 3D

+5 million downloads

Gather your army! Build a crowd, Overcome deadly obstacles & Raid Castles!

Crowd Battle 3D is an action packed hyper casual game in which you join the clash, gather an army to Raid Castles in Medieval Battle Games. Become a crowd leader, build a strong army to raid castle and defeat your enemy in Combat Games.

Crowd Battle is a unique combat games with Legendary Stickman. deadly arena and Epic Duel Games. Choose your tactics, jump on board, and battle against your enemy to destroy the castle in one of the best crowd games!

Gangsta Rage

Metamon Island

Gangsta Island: Crime City

Golf Orbit

Barber Shop Hair Cut game

CornHole League

Rock Crawling

Vikings II

Teeth Runner!

Farmer Hero 3D: Farming Games

Cold Case

Tribal Idle

Pyro Jump

Toll Idle

Punch Master Punching Game

Epic Run Fighting Game

Crowd Battle 3D

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No "values", "DNA" or "company culture" as marketing words to pretend to be cool. At Pinpin Games, it's simple, it's basic: To make crazy good games, people have to be happy to work together. here are some of our fundamentals: super skilled team, competitive salaries, team success bonuses, full remote, 1 week / month in Paris all together, no crunch, meal ticket, super health insurance, transport bonus... and we have one of the best player in the world on Super Smash Bros. Pinpin Games is always looking for new talents in different fields of video games: illustration, animation, development, GD, LD, Sales ...

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